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My name is Roy Bunce. I specialise in producing designs for embedded electronic devices.

My clients are usually individuals with a bright idea, or small companies who cannot afford full-time electronics design engineers. I understand that funds are often limited for new ventures, so I keep my costs low and my charges are modest. By taking a "one step at a time" approach, the risks are kept to a minimum and your cash flow is predictable.

Many of my clients originally contacted me via PeoplePerHour where you can see comments from current and past customers.

I have many years of experience in electronics design, specialising in embedded processors and general digital systems. I have a MSc in Electronic Product Development and skills in product definition, system design, schematic capture and pcb layout. I am also competent in a variety of software languages, including assembler and "C".

I am able to take your project from a general specification, through hardware design and software test, to proven prototypes, supplying full manufacturing information including sources of supply and costings. Even if you only have a vague idea, or if it is fully specified, or any point between these extremes, I will work with you to create a successful, reliable and properly documented product.

If you have an idea, but are not sure if it is viable, I offer a fixed price evaluation for just £50. For this service, I provide a brief written report covering the major aspects of your proposed product, concentrating on those areas which are the most critical to its success. If this reveals major obstacles you can then make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed.

Area Covered:
UK, based in Hampshire

Work Experience Summary:
Design of embedded systems using PIC, ARM and Intel processors in a variety of industries including medical, transportation and consumer.
System design, hardware design and pcb layout from very simple adapter boards to complex BGA based processors.
Development of test and application software for embedded systems.